The Melon Seed develops family-friendly products and materials to help grow young minds, nurture creativity and is deeply rooted in creating meaningful connections.


Growing a seed of inspiration


The Melon Seed is the passion project of Mel Eaton, a compulsive creative and ambitious Mumtrepreneur. Mel’s journey towards establishing The Melon Seed has followed one recurring theme – a love of creativity.

From a young age, Mel has forever loved the magical world of artistic creation and much of her inspiration today comes from memories of a childhood spent making, creating and playing in the realm of imagination.

Her career began in education as a secondary school Art and Design teacher. She also started her own business with a craft-addict friend, Louise, teaching sewing, crochet, paper crafts and art to those enthusiastic about DIY. During this time she was also part of a handcraft market community that encouraged and promoted the talents of a diverse range of artisans.

Mel’s graphic design work has led her to produce illustrations, publications and web developments. Throughout her digital foray, her interest in surface pattern design has been persistently piqued.

But it was becoming a mum that planted the seed of inspiration for a brand focused on products and designs for families. Mel draws inspiration from her son, an extremely active toddler, and three step-children (bonus kids!) to design creative products and beautiful designs that inspire, bring comfort and joy, and share fun and love.


Family-Friendly Designs

Mel aims to create unique products and designs with families at the heart of her focus – That means designing to suit family lifestyles, problem solve busy household issues, be safe and reliable, endlessly fun and imaginative, encourage love and sharing, build confidence and educate, and balance great looks with practical purpose.

Sustainability and Safety

One goal of The Melon Seed is to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible through product development, packaging and more. We also aim to offer products that are completely safe to use for babies or young toddlers.

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