Spoonflower Design Challenges

July Challenges

Medical Professions

Brief: The doctor is in! This week we’re celebrating the medical professionals that are keeping us in tip-top shape. Will you find inspiration in the tools you might find in a doctor’s white lab coat or take a more holistic approach to your design? Whether you imagine your design on a pair of scrubs or waiting room wallpaper, we want to see your best repeats with a therapeutic touch.



Emerald Forest Design Challenge

Brief: Take a step into the deep wooded emerald forest. As you look around, imagine yourself surrounded by moss-covered rocks and leafy ferns as oversized tree limbs canopy over you. Challenge yourself to create a repeating design that evokes the calming effect nature can have on oneself but don’t forget to include the rich shade of emerald in your design.


Princess Awesome Design Challenge

Brief: Princess Awesome makes clothes that honor all the amazing things girls love, from dinosaurs to sparkles, STEM to twirling, adventure to dress-up. Help the Princess Awesome team find the next design to be featured on their twirly dresses or comfy leggings by creating a repeating pattern that’s the perfect combination of clever, fun, and non-traditional for girls. Ask yourself: What’s missing from the girls’ section?



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